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Your Guide to a Transformed New Self


Dive deep into a realm where mindfulness meets innovation, all with a 3D twist. We're not just another self-improvement site; we blend cutting-edge visuals with time-tested wisdom to bring you to a whole new level of existence. Let's roll on this journey together, crafting a brighter, bolder you. Because here, self-growth isn't just a game – it's a game changer.

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Yana G.Y. Owner


Behind the innovative realm of stands a powerhouse of expertise and passion. Meet Yana G.Y., not just the brain, but the heart and soul of this venture. With a seasoned background as a leader in large international corporate structure, she's not just any strategist; she's a certified strategic life coach, nutrition expert, and a master practitioner of both NLP and mindfulness. But what truly sets her apart? 3DRENDER.ME is a beacon of female empowerment, being 100% women-owned. Dive deep with her, and discover a blend of professional acumen and personal touch that's truly a game changer.


Welcome to the universe of 3DRENDER.ME, where transformation isn't just a buzzword, it's a lifestyle. Let's dive in: our collection of books isn't your typical self-help path. Ever imagined a coloring book that's not just for general stress relief book, but a journey to a mindful transformation, a reset to inner balance, a means to help solve problems or even answer pressing questions? Voila! Dive into our transformational coloring journeys, designed to guide you towards inner balance. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. We whip up manifestation tools and guides that are game changers in crafting the life you've always dreamt of. Even more...Our nutritional guides aren't just about diets; they're your blueprint for longevity and vitality. And for those seeking that creative spark, our guides are tailored to ignite and boost your innate creativity. At 3DRENDER.ME, we believe in growth, balance, and the art of truly living. Are you ready to roll with us?

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