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  • Can I Personalize The Products That I Order?
    Yes, we do have this option available, and we do love to personalize any product for you. Just choose a product and follow the instructions provided in the product description. You can also fill in the form available on the "Personalize" tab on the main menu and we will get in touch shortly.
  • What Can Be Personalized?
    Generally, anything - design colors, design sizes and placements, fabric background color, preparing new design just for you, adding custom text or logo, simply anything you wish. Just fill in the dedicated text fields in this form and add as many details as you can like f.ex. Besides color name, you can also add color code (highly desired), color opacity percentage, design element position and orientation change, a link to an existing product, or maybe a new design element to be drawn by hand from our designers - like maybe you wish to change the unicorn with a rose or a feather or a letter or a digit or some symbol, anything your creativity can imagine. We would prefer to have exact HEX or RGB color code which you can check here, and exact percentage of opacity if applicable. If you are wondering what products can be personalized, then we'd gladly share this non-exhaustible list with you: Physical Products - t-shirts, dresses and hoodies (and the great thing is that you can also choose the background color ;) - tote bags, backpacks, fanny packs - flip flops - socks - mugs - towels - leggings, sportswear - notebooks - kiss-cut stickers - flags - throw blankets - pillow sleeves - bean bags - wall decor Digital Products - videos - printable patterns and backgrounds - 3D animations - 3D rendered images In most cases, we will need this form filled in. We just make sure it is technically possible for which we will inform you after reviewing your request. We will then propose a mockup view of your customization and execute your order after your confirmation. We will provide custom digital or physical products just for you without publishing them for sale at no additional cost.
  • How To Personalize A T-Shirt?
    That's easy! Here are the steps: 1. Select one from our product catalogue that from the Customizable collection if you wish to change any of the existing products 2. Fill in the fields for customization in the form available here 3. Submit the form That's it! We will review and provide a mockup for confirmation before we execute your order. That usually takes about 1-2 business days.
  • What Happens After I Submit My Personalization Request?
    Once we receive your request, we review it and make sure it is technically possible, for which we will inform you after we perform our analysis. We will then propose a mockup view of your customization and a price (only in very time consuming requests). After your confirmation, we will execute your order. From there the standard order process follows.
  • What Is The Personalization Price?
    We will provide custom digital or physical products just for you without publishing them for sale at no additional cost. If your request requires minor changes of an existing product, like for example changing the background color, the text, or adding a new text or logo somewhere, then it will be free of charge. If you'd like to prepare a brand new design for you, i.e. to manually draw it and/or render it in 3D animated view, then we may require a minor charge just to cover the extra effort from our designers. We will let you know about this amount when we are ready with the analysis of your request. If you wish to develop a whole new business concept with us, then let's talk about it first :)
  • How To Order Custom Merch For My Company?
    We'd love to design your merch for your company. Just click on the "Customize" tab from the main menu and follow the steps. We will get back to you shortly.
  • What is 3D Rendering?
    3D Rendering is a design we developed in a 3D rendering software - we use latest version of Cinema 4D. We develop the design in the three-dimensional space within the software and then render it to get a 2D view of it. After that we do a slight editing in Photoshop to make sure everything is printed in the highest quality possible and looks as realistic as possible. We do not sell our 3D renderings to make sure our designs are 100% authentic. By the way, we do not buy images either - every picture you see on our website design is created by us.
  • What is Manual Drawing?
    We draw the designs digitally in black and white colors and 100% by hand using a tablet and a digital pen. From there we have a slight editing process in Photoshop to transform the digital drawing in a ready to print file. We do not sell our digital drawings in order to make sure our clothing is 100% authentic.
  • What is DTG Printing?
    Direct-to-garment, or DTG, is a printing method that sprays the ink into the fabric. The ink then soaks into the fibers of the cloth. It’s like printing on paper, but on clothing. It is the most commonly used method for printing designs on clothing. Our designs are printed using high quality inks that will never fade or crack on you!
  • What is Sublimation Printing?
    The design is printed on paper with dye ink which is then steamed directly into the fabric with heat and great pressure. The color literally becomes part of the cloth by coloring the fibres in a way that keeps the colors vibrant even after thousands of washes. This way of printing is considered one of the highest quality printing. Our designs are printed using high quality inks that will never fade or crack on you!
  • What is Embroidery?
    The design is actually embroidered onto the fabric. It becomes a part of the cloth in a way that it can never become faded. It is considered being one of the highest quality designs. Combined with the manual drawing that our designers do, the clothing becomes a genuine piece of art.
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  • What are GiftCoins?
    We'd like to express our gratitude to you as one of our valuable customers, so we created GiftCoins - our loyalty rewards program.
  • How to Enroll for GiftCoin Rewards?
    You are automatically enrolled with your first purchase. You don't need to do anything else in particular. Just enjoy your rewards!
  • How Do I Earn GiftCoin Rewards?
    You get 1 GiftCoin for every $1 spent. You will also get GiftCoins for free if you share our shop on Facebook or Twitter. If you follow us on Twitter or Instagram, or like our Facebook page, you will even get double! We also prepared a special gift for you for your birthday. Note: You need to do that actions from the Gift Icon on the down left corner of our site in order to get the rewards. You will also need to register for our website.
  • How Do I Use My GiftCoin Rewards?
    We have discounts starting from just 100 GiftCoins! For 100 GiftCoins you have $5 OFF For 200 GiftCoins you have $10 OFF For 500 GiftCoins you have $25 OFF For 1000 GiftCoins you have $50 OFF Log-in to our website and check your GiftCoin balance from the Gift Icon available on the down left corner of your screen. You will see all your coupon codes available for you to use. Just Copy the code and use it during checkout. That's it!
  • What is the Validity of My Earned GiftCoins?
    You will need to use your GiftCoins within one year from the date you gained them. We will notify you by e-mail when that date is close.
  • What if I Don't Use My GiftCoins in Time?
    Well, sorry to say that, but you will lose them. However, you can quickly gain new ones through the variety of ways we offer.
  • What is Refer a Friend?
    You can give your friends a reward and claim your own when they make a purchase.
  • How do I Refer a Friend?
    All you need to do is to log-in to your 3DRender.Me Profile and click on the Gift icon located in the down left corner of your screen. On the bottom of the pop-up menu you will find your personal referral link. Share this URL to give your friends the reward and when they make a purchase, you will get yours.
  • How to Measure My Size?
    For all horizontal measurements, please keep the tape measure parallel to the ground. A Chest Put one end of the tape measure on the fullest part of the chest and bring the tape around the back (under the armpits, over the shoulder blades) to where you started. B Waist Place the tape on the narrowest part of the waist and measure around. C Hips Put the beginning of the tape measure on one hip and bring the tape across the fullest part of the hips back to where you started measuring. Please see visualisation below:
  • What if My Measurements Are Between Sizes?
    This size guide shows body measurements. We suggest ordering a size up when your measurements are between sizes.
  • What if My Measurement Turns Out To Be Incorrect?
    We'd be happy to make a replacement for you. Just contact us by e-mail at and we will quickly solve that issue.
  • How Do I Track My Delivery?
    You will receive an automatic e-mail with a tracking number and a tracking link once the order is shipped. You will also find tracking details in your profile under the "Orders" section. Tracking details become available once the order is being fulfilled and shipped.
  • Can I Have a Replacement?
    Sure You Can! Return the product to us followng the steps described here.
  • How Are Products Packed For Delivery?
    We deliver in a safe and sealed package, currently the standard plastic grey packaging is used. We are working on replacing it with a biodegradable packaging and we expect this to happen pretty soon.
  • Who Pays The Customs Duties & Taxes?
    Shipments outside of the USA may incur customs fees depending on the destination country. The fee may vary depending on your order value, country limits, and other factors based on the product itself. We do not cover these fees - any fees are paid to appropriate customs agency by you.
  • How To Return The Product I Ordered?
    We pay close attention to every detail to make sure we deliver best experience with our products, therefore we are confident about their quality. ​ But if you need to return a product for any reason, we will be happy to arrange that for you. We accept 30 -day returns with no questions asked. Please read details here.
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