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[PDF Download] Easy Mandala Coloring Book for Adults

[PDF Download] Easy Mandala Coloring Book for Adults

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This book is not just another adult coloring book - it is an ultimate PLAYBOOK, a set of practical tools designed specifically for adults, offering a holistic approach to coloring! 🌈

Why This Book is Unique:
Drawing from a rich tapestry of resources, including Carl Jung's psychology, NLP techniques, Hose Silva's techniques, chakra knowledge, Ayurveda, yoga practices, and ancient civilizations like the Maya and Egyptians, this book offers a holistic, in-depth approach to coloring, meditation and healing. It's more than just another coloring book; it's a journey of self-awareness, balance, and transformation.

What This Book Offers:

- ✨ Color to Solve a Problem: Navigate life's intricate questions and challenges with the power of color therapy. My step-by-step guide will illuminate your path, helping you harness the medium of color to find solutions and answers.

- ⚓ Color to Achieve a Goal: Channel your energy, focus, and intent through vibrant hues and intricate shapes. Learn to manifest your goals and aspirations with purposeful coloring, led by my comprehensive step-by-step guide.You will also find a detailed guide how to set a goal and the tools for it.

- ❤️ Color for Transformation: Dive deep into the world of mandalas, chakras, and color therapy. Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, balance, and stress relief, tailored for the modern adult. Explore the toolbox with step-by-step guides, extensive analyses, tools and much more!

Features Include:
1. Preparation for Coloring 🎨: Set clear objectives for your coloring sessions, ensuring every stroke has purpose and intent.
2. The Science & Spirituality of Coloring 🙏: Understand the profound effects of coloring on the mind and soul, backed by research and ancient wisdom.
3. Chakra Assessment Tool 🧭: Gauge the state of your chakras and follow our detailed guide to bring them into harmony.
4. SMART Goal Setting Guide 🎯 & Mantras Creation Guide 🤌: Templates to help define your aspirations and mantras, grounding your coloring journey in clarity and intention.
5. Deep Comprehensive Analysis of Your Coloring 🎨: Dive into the intricacies of your coloring choices, from pressure to shades, from elemental symbols to the order of colors. Every aspect offers insights into your psyche.
6. Self-Reflection Pages 🫶: Each adorned with a unique mandala, these pages serve as spaces for introspection and personal growth.
7. BONUS 🎁: A comprehensive guide on crafting your own mandala from scratch or using the 18 starting templates.

....and also:

  • 3D effects and pages with black background to make colors stand out

  • 50 single sided easy mandala coloring pages with darkened back to prevent tracing

  • Large print, convenient 8.5 x 11 inch paperback with matte finish cover


Embark on a transformative journey today!

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