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Easy Mandala Coloring Book for Adults

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Easy Mandala Coloring Book for Adults

This book is not just another adult coloring book - it is an ultimate PLAYBOOK, a set of practical tools designed specifically for adults, offering a holistic approach to coloring! 🌈

Why This Book is Unique:
Drawing from a rich tapestry of resources, including Carl Jung's psychology, NLP techniques, Hose Silva's techniques, chakra knowledge, Ayurveda, yoga practices, and ancient civilizations like the Maya and Egyptians, this book offers a holistic, in-depth approach to coloring, meditation and healing. It's more than just another coloring book; it's a journey of self-awareness, balance, and transformation.

What This Book Offers:

- ✨ Color to Solve a Problem: Navigate life's intricate questions and challenges with the power of color therapy. My step-by-step guide will illuminate your path, helping you harness the medium of color to find solutions and answers.

- ⚓
Color to Achieve a Goal: Channel your energy, focus, and intent through vibrant hues and intricate shapes. Learn to manifest your goals and aspirations with purposeful coloring, led by my comprehensive step-by-step guide.You will also find a detailed guide how to set a goal and the tools for it.

- ❤️ 
Color for Transformation: Dive deep into the world of mandalas, chakras, and color therapy. Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, balance, and stress relief, tailored for the modern adult. Explore the toolbox with step-by-step guides, extensive analyses, tools and much more!

Features Include:
Preparation for Coloring 🎨: Set clear objectives for your coloring sessions, ensuring every stroke has purpose and intent.
The Science & Spirituality of Coloring 🙏: Understand the profound effects of coloring on the mind and soul, backed by research and ancient wisdom.
Chakra Assessment Tool 🧭: Gauge the state of your chakras and follow our detailed guide to bring them into harmony.
SMART Goal Setting Guide 🎯 & Mantras Creation Guide 🤌: Templates to help define your aspirations and mantras, grounding your coloring journey in clarity and intention.
Deep Comprehensive Analysis of Your Coloring 🎨: Dive into the intricacies of your coloring choices, from pressure to shades, from elemental symbols to the order of colors. Every aspect offers insights into your psyche.
Self-Reflection Pages 🫶: Each adorned with a unique mandala, these pages serve as spaces for introspection and personal growth.
BONUS 🎁: A comprehensive guide on crafting your own mandala from scratch or using the 18 starting templates.

....and also:

  • 3D effects and pages with black background to make colors stand out

  • 50 single sided easy mandala coloring pages with darkened back to prevent tracing

  • Large print, convenient 8.5 x 11 inch paperback with matte finish cover


Embark on a transformative journey today!

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What Makes this Book Unique

Let's Look Inside...

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Easy Mandala Free Coloring Pages.jpeg

This is NOT Another STRESS RELIEF Adult Coloring Book!

It is a PLAYBOOK, a TOOLBOX, a real set of practical tools that will help you achieve inner balance through coloring!

It will also Help You Solve Problems, Find Answers to Pressing Questions and Achieve Goals!

In this heightened state of consciousness while coloring, you may find answers or solutions emerging intuitively. They might come to you as you're coloring, or they might surface later when you're in a relaxed state, perhaps while showering or just before falling asleep. Trust the process and be patient. Our human nature holds a great power and abilities to communicate with higher states of consciousness at deeper states of mind. Get ready to unleash it!

Buy the Full Book

Book Print Details

Yana G.Y. Owner

About the Author


Yana G.Y. is a Mindfulness Practitioner, a Strategic Life Coach and a Coach in Nutrition and Gut Microbiota.

Yana is also a Chartered Marketer, a Member and a Mentor in the Chartered Institute of Marketing. She is also a NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) Master Practitioner.

She loves helping people, especially women grow personally and professionally and she has been doing that for almost a decade.

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